Style is everywhere…

Couture 101 learned how to make our own style today. Our guest, Debra R., a fashion designer, lamp shade maker, upcycling genius extraordinaire, showed us how to add personal flair to our wardrobe. Accessories are anything we want them to be, and Debra likes to accessorize with anything she finds (she had a large paper clip as an earring and a ship piece as a necklace). She uses her body as armature for her style sculpture. We got inspired by her outfit and started making cuffs out of paper towel rolls, bags out of paper and hats out of grocery bags… all to be embellished our own unique way.

We learned about style mantras, and one of Debras is:

Wabi Sabi, which means everything is impermanent, incomplete and imperfect. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, we were made to be this way. Our differences are what makes us perfect.

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